Sunday, February 9, 2014

C standard quibbles

This article is a collection of personal quibbles regarding the ISO C standard. Expect it to be updated sporadically.

There have been three major editions of the ISO C standard:

  • C89/C90: The original ISO C standard was published in 1990, and was closely based on the 1989 ANSI C standard. The 1989 ANSI and 1990 ISO standards describe exactly the same language; ISO added some introductory material and renumbered the sections. This web page appears to be a draft of the ANSI version of the standard. The 1995 amendment added digraphs and wide character support.
  • C99: The second version was published in 1999. N1256 includes the full 1999 standard with the three Technical Corrigenda merged into it.
  • C11: The third version was published in 2011. The N1570 draft is freely available, and is very nearly identical to the released standard. (There has been one minor Technical Corrigendum.)

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